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Seva is one of the most satisfying and humbling moments in one’s life. When you learn to give, you learn to live. Whether it is your time, knowledge, or money – give generously, give whole heartedly, give with love, give without conditions. This is a true seva.

Some seva speaks to you, such as Craig Kielburger’s seva. When he was twelve, a seva appeared to him as he was browsing the newspaper to get to the comic section. Instead, he read an article about the child labour on an incident that took place in South Asia. Craig Kielburger’s soul spoke to him and the rest is history. He founded Free the Children.

Education is a fundamental progression in a person’s life. It gives you freedom from your material life and to your well being. But during this freedom, many times we get driven by money only. A seva to give your time and knowledge will put you in a balanced state. For example; a doctor can visit slums in India or Africa and help mothers understand the importance of hygiene. This can save or improve lives.

There are endless sevas that can be done, even a one time seva such as a blood donor, visiting seniors at a hospice, walking a dog, or donating the food bank.

We see many rich and famous balance their lives with a seva. With money comes ego, which can break you eventually. Therefore, balancing a life with a seva keeps you humble. A great example is a bollywood actor Salman Khan. Not only has he given us twenty plus years of entertainment in Indian cinemas, but he has also shown us the importance of giving. He founded Being Human. I can go on forever giving examples about people and their seva, such as Oprah Winfrey, Nelson Mandela, Gandhi, Terry Fox, Mother Teresa, Bill Gates, Khan Academy and many more.

What is your seva? What is your purpose? Speak to your inner self. Your heart will answer. Find the fine balance between Din & Duniya, Spiritual & Worldly, life. You are destined to find your purpose. Your balance. Do that seva with big heart, love, without ego, without asking anything in return. Just give; whether it is your time, your knowledge, your money or your wisdom.

Seva will bring you a humble balance and it will last with you until your last breath and beyond.


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